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A Guide to Styling - The Textured Chignon

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Here's a 'recipe' for creative styling with long hair - Remember- Practice makes perfect!

- Kit Required - Amazon Shopping List

Hair Padding (handmade padding available to purchase from

Model Catherine has naturally thick, just below shoulder length hair with added layers.


  1. Add clip-in extensions to the hair.

  2. Add heated rollers. Lightly backcomb each section spraying with a strong hold hairspray before adding each roller. Allow to cool.

  3. Remove rollers. Gently pull the curls apart to soften the texture.

  4. Section the hair ear to ear. The front sections will be styled last.

  5. Backcomb the crown area spraying Kenra texture spray then smooth back and pin, creating height to the crown.

  6. Make a ponytail at the nape with the remainder of the hair.

  7. Add your padding to the nape over the top of the ponytail base. Pin securely.

  8. Backcomb the ponytail adding a band the tail end. Pull up and over the top of the padding. Taking your time, smoothing into place, tucking the end in behind the top of the padding fanning out the hair to cover the padding and pinning into place. You have now created your chignon base.

  9. Create your own finished look styling the front sections back over the style, either pinning curls or braiding techniques. Create a soft effect with curls around the hairline using your styling wand for a stronger curl. Spray with Elnett Professional to finish. Experimenting with your own look and style is key.

  10. Get the shot! Take 30 different photos that way you have more chance of finding your favourite image to use in your portfolio, then.........

  11. Tag me in your instagram creation i'll share the best on My Story @lynnettechasmerhairstylist

  12. Post your comments below- It’s good to talk!

  13. Keep your skills current with 2018 hairstyling courses held in Essex. Click here to book

Personalise your style with accessories that compliment the style.

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