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Your Instagram Bio

Start as you mean to go on

Your Instagram bio is part of your shop front. & your virtual business card for potential clients to firstly, find you, then be drawn to you. 

Choose a business profile, this will enable you to see analytics of your posts, ie; when the best time to post to reach the most engagements, how many new visits to your post, the age and gender range who view etc

Make your profile Public not private, I see so many business with a private account, no-one can see their posts!

USERNAME This is your business name at the top. Once you have your business name try not to change it. This is how people get to know you

PROFILE PHOTO This can be your logo or a good photo of you. Make it stand out with a bright colour background or distinctive colours so people recognise it instantly when you comment on their posts. It will be circular, so bear that in mind when choosing

NAME Mine is The Wedding Hair Pro. Use key words, like google, so choose words like WEDDING , HAIRSTYLIST, BRIDAL, MAKEUP it's also good to add your location eg. ESSEX WEDDING HAIRSTYLIST. People looking for a local stylist for their wedding will find you with these key words in place

You are allowed up to 30 characters

PLEASE NOTE You can only change this name TWICE in 14 days then it locks until the 14 days are up 

CATEGORY Mine is ARTIST Go into edit then professional account to choose your category from the selection, adding key words into the search bar

YOUR BIO needs to say who you are, what you do & why they should follow you. You are allowed 150 characters, make them count

With the most important in the first 2 lines

A list can look good but don't repeat things in a different context

Add tags to another business page if you have one

Add tags if you're affiliated with anyone

Add a relevant hashtag I have #crueltyfreeproducts to show I use them also, it uses less characters with a hashtag. The hashtag can be used as a link, so don't use eg. #essexweddinghair as if clicked this will take the user to your competitors

You can use emoji's to add fun and colour

You can change your bio as often as you like

CALL TO ACTION On the line above your link, encourage the user to click the link. ie; more info

LINKS This is the link highlighted in blue. You can add your website link here

If you have more links you want to use then the website Linktree  on your phone. THIS IS FREE It's very simple to navigate, you can add many more links. Check mine out on my bio to see


When posting, ask the user to click the link, or link in bio

CONTACT INFO. Add your email address and contact number to be easily contactable at the click of a button

HIGHLIGHTS These are the circles across the page. Any stories you have posted can be added to a HIGHLIGHT Add your own title to each one. You can also uniform them with a template cover to match your branding, using an app or even your logo. I've added events, tutorials, styles, Crete & UK weddings etc

Highlights can also be easily deleted when no longer required. 

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