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'I've created this helpful guide especially for you, with tips and informative infomation to guide you up until your wedding day'

-Hair care advice
-Finding your perfect hairstyle
-Hair extensions- are they for you?
-Accessorising your look
-Keepsake ideas
-All about your bridal hair trial
-Top tips to do before your wedding morning
-Top tips for your perfect wedding morning
-All about veils
-The history of wedding traditions

Hair care advice

To get your hair in the best condition for your wedding hair


If you want your hair to look in it’s best condition, then you can follow these helpful tips now


  • Don't wash your hair every day as this dries your hair out. 2-3 times a week is plenty, using a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type

  • Limit the amount of heat you use, and always use a heat protector spray even when blow-drying your hair

  • If you have a good hairdresser stick with her, using someone new before the wedding isn’t a good idea, stick with a hairdresser who knows your hair

  • Get a regular trim every 8 weeks to reduce split ends.

  • Refresh your colour/ highlights 1-2 weeks before the wedding. If you’re thinking of going a different colour then try it 3-4 months before your wedding

  • I often recommend not having a trim just before the wedding as the hair can sometimes look to blunt. This can be discussed and decided at your hair trial


 Finding your perfect hairstyle


 Start collecting hair ideas in a folder on your phone. Save hairstyles with a similar colour to your own. Save hairstyles that are on my Instagram profile. You may just like the front of one style and the back or side of another. We can discuss all the photos at your hair trial, to then decide on what works best for you

Hair extensions, are they for you?


I hire colour matched clip-in hair extensions to my brides. These are colour matched at your hair trial, and then tried out with your chosen hairstyle. These are perfect for adding length and/or volume and hold a curl combined with your own hair perfectly

You may be growing your hair but it just isn't thick enough, adding extensions to a half up half down style creates a lot more volume, giving a more lux look to your style. Hollywood waves will 90% of the time require clip-in extensions, as it's the volume of hair, especially at the front, framing the face that creates the Hollywood wave look and structure

Around 80% of my brides wear these and you wouldn’t be able to tell who is, and who isn’t wearing them

I also sell double wefted clip-in extensions If you would like to purchase your own set to keep

Accessorising your look

Picking your perfect hair accessory to go with your hair is best done

once you know your bridal hairstyle. By purchasing an accessory before

you know your style can sometimes compromise the style choice

I also hire a wide selection of hair accessories from ,vines, combs, pins

and hairbands

Another option is to wear fresh flowers in your hair. Picking flowers and

foliage from your bouquet can look stunning in a wedding hairstyle


Keepsake ideas

If you have loved ones no longer with you then a trinket with their photo on

can be sewn or pinned to the bouquet. 

A sentimental brooch can be pinned into the hair as an accessory, this could

be your‘ something old’

All about your bridal hair trial


You can book your hair trial with me whenever you are ready, but I would recommend one or two months before your wedding.

I really like to trial the bride separately so you get the best experience, then, if required, after your trial I can book in anyone else in your party that wants to also have a hair trial, but please do bring along a frind or relative for advice though, or come solo if you'd rather.

Trials are held weekdays 10-5pm in my studio in Essex. Saturday trials may be available but are reserved primarily for wedding bookings. Allow 2-3 hours for your trial

I ask you to bring your style ideas and a picture of your dress, we can then discuss the style of your wedding and come to a decision on your hairstyle if you don’t already have a firm idea, adding clip-in extensions if required

Please arrive at the hair trial with your hair prepped by hair washed and conditioned the day before, adding a little strong hold hair mousse before blow drying. Please don’t tie up your hair after blow drying it. By following these instructions ensures I can style your hair to give you the best results

Day old hair works better for styling and mousse helps the hair from being fly-away and also helps the curl stay in place

I would ask for the same hair prep as for the trial unless we have discussed differently. This prep is also just as important for your wedding party for best styling results

After your trial I will work out the timings for the wedding morning, conferring with your make-up artist and email them to you, so you know the structure for the morning, and the time i'll be arriving. 

Top tips TO-DO before your wedding morning

Having styled 1000’s of heads of hair at 100’s of weddings I wanted to give you MY TOP TIPS of things to do BEFORE your wedding morning, these are often forgotten or left until the last minute


⭐️If purchasing robes for your wedding party, avoid hoods or bulky collars as this disturbs the hairstyles. Consider the heat if it’s a summer wedding, silky robes( if not 100% silk) can be very warm to wear


⭐️ STEAM Bridesmaids dresses, silky robes plus your wedding dress and veil the evening BEFORE the wedding morning. These are often left in the original packaging with the fold creases on the wedding morning. You’ve spent money on them and you want them to look nice in your prep photos, both professional and your own, so dress to impress!

 Steaming isn’t a good idea when hair and makeup has been done, as the steam can make the hair frizz and makeup run. Plus it’s one less job to do on the day!

⭐️ Remove all the tags from dresses including those really annoying hanging tags that always pop out! Tags are also on your veil and accessories too. THIS WILL save precious time when you are all getting dressed and on a tight schedule. Don’t forget price stickers on shoes too

⭐️ Pack a portable speaker and create your wedding playlist.

Hardly any venues have speakers in their bridal rooms, and you will def want some tunes playing on the morning 🎶🎵🎼

⭐️ It’s a long morning so if your venue isn’t providing breakfast and drinks then bring your own! Pastries and fruit platters works well, and don’t forget your bubbly and orange juice

⭐️ Pack a mini kit of scissors, safety pins, needle and cotton and plasters. There’s always something that you’ve forgotten to cut off, something that may need a quick fix or shoes that rub!

⭐️Wash and blow dry your hair, adding a strong hold mousse before blow drying, leaving hair untied ready for styling on the wedding morning

Top tips for your perfect wedding morning

⭐️ Remember to look at your hair and makeup timings for the morning.

I have turned up to weddings at 6am to find all the bridal party still asleep 💤

We WORK TO SCHEDULE so you are all ready on time for your pre wedding

photos and your ceremony. Make sure ALL your wedding party are aware of

their time slots and are there in plenty of time to be styled

⭐️Try and eat a good breakfast, it’s a long day and if your having bubbles

whilst getting ready then food is always a good idea

⭐️Assign bridesmaids any jobs that need doing on the morning

Someone can be in charge of music, putting food out, serving drinks, taking

fun photos

⭐️If you are doing gifts and cards then give them out or have yours received

before makeup, there’s bound to be emotional tears! I’ve lost count the amount

of times makeup had had to be freshened up!

⭐️Have your wedding party get their dresses on before you, this way they can

help you into yours, whilst have photos taken. Allow at least half an hour to get

your underwear, dress, shoes and accessories on. This will have been included

in my timings

⭐️Don’t stress the small stuff! Enjoy your wedding morning, it’s a brilliant


to your whole day!

All about veils

A veil can be another accessory to fuss over or something that will transform your look

I would say around 30% of my brides have chosen not to wear a veil. Two reasons are that they don’t want to hide or flatten their hairstyle, with the other that they don’t want to look to ‘done'

Most brides however love a veil, with a few wanting to wear it over their face, this can be for a church wedding or just personal choice.

A shorter veil can be placed in various places on the style, with a longer cathedral veil being more limited as it can sometimes be heavier.

Bring your veil ( if you have it) to the hair trial so we can try it with your chosen style. I have sample veils to play with if you haven’t yet got it 

When buying a veil try not to buy one with a large plastic toothed comb on it, these can be extremely difficult to add to a style that has been pinned. If possible a better option is a metal toothed comb

As mentioned before, steam your veil before the big day, cutting off any tags and placing it on a hanger ready to add to the hair

The history of wedding traditions

I love finding out about traditions and customs

 Giving away the bride, the tossing of the bouquet, and ‘something old, new' But what do these traditions really mean? 

1. The traditional white dress

In the old days, brides on their wedding day would simply wear the best clothes they had. These could be any colour, even black. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in an ivory-white gown in 1840 that white became a fashionable wedding dress colour. 

2. Giving away the bride

For many fathers and daughters, this is the most important tradition, a beautiful moment during the wedding ceremony. But you might be a little shocked when you hear its true meaning. This custom dates back to the Middle Ages, when daughters were considered their father’s property and, quite literally, sold to the groom.

3. Something old, something new….

This tradition is based on an old rhyme by an unknown English poet: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The old represents the past, new stands for the future. Borrowed refers to the happiness given to the bride by the new husband. Blue colour was believed to ward off evil. The final line about the sixpence is often not quoted. But as you may have guessed, it refers to wealth.

4. The wedding rings

The tradition of Wedding rings goes back to Old Egypt, where any circular shape was considered to symbolise eternity. Ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on the left finger of the left hand. That’s where they believed the ‘vena amoris’ (the vein of love) began, leading all the way to the heart.

5. Throwing rice/ confetti

This happy wedding custom began in ancient Rome. Throwing grains of wheat or oats at newlyweds was thought to bring them fertility and wealth. These days, many people prefer confetti, because it’s available in many colours and doesn’t hurt when thrown at you.

6. The wedding cake

Pies, buns and cakes have played a part in British weddings for centuries. During medieval times, the groom had to try to kiss the bride over a pile of sweet bread rolls. By the 1800’s the tradition had evolved: relatives would leave a pie hidden underneath the bride’s pillow. Today the modern UK tradition, where the couple cuts a slice out of a wedding cake, is a little less messy!

7. The first dance

In the grand old days of royal balls, the first dance was normally the ‘opening number’ that kicked off the party. It was customary for a male guest of honour to invite the lady of the house to join him in the first dance. This tradition subsequently became a wedding custom. The host, usually the bride’s father, would dance with her first, followed by the groom.

8. The bouquet 

A bouquet of flowers was originally part of the bridal attire to disguise the smell of the bride, holding the bouquet in position, giving her a fresher smell! During the barbaric times of 15th century Britain, there was a strange tradition at the end of the wedding day, when the guests would have to try and tear off bits of the bride’s dress, flowers or hair. People believed that grabbing a piece of the bride’s outfit would bring them good luck. However, the guests could get very rowdy, so a tradition evolved where the bride would simply toss her flowers at the mob and run for her life.

9. The honeymoon

Surprisingly, the romantic idea of a honeymoon is attributed to the Vikings. Newlywed Viking couples were sent to live in a cave for one month. Every day, during 30 moons, a family member would visit them and bring them honeyed wine. That’s where the name ‘honeymoon’ comes from.

10. Carrying the bride over the threshold

This wedding custom came to the U.K. from Germany. In the days of the Germanic tribes, the groom had to hoist the bride over his shoulder and carry her into his hut. Why? Because it made her look less enthusiastic about the wedding night, and was therefore regarded as a guarantee of her chastity.

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