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8 Reasons Why You Should Book a Professional Wedding Hairstylist?

1) A professional, prompt service on your wedding day, working out timings for your morning, giving you peace of mind that you will be ready in plenty of time.

One of the most important things on the wedding morning is ‘time management’

Weddings are what I know and what I do!

I work together with your chosen make-up artist working out precise timings for the morning so you don’t have the worry. Every minute matters!

You will be ready in plenty of time to get into your dress and have photos before your ceremony.

2) Why book a hair trial?

A trial is a very important part of the wedding hair process. It gives you the peace of mind that the style will be just as you imagine it to be on the day.

Sometimes your style choice isn’t the right style for you. On the day of the wedding there would be no time to make or change decisions. Already knowing your hair is going to look amazing takes the worry off the wedding morning.

It’s also always nice to meet my brides before the wedding as we spend 2-3 hours together, getting to know each other which is great for the wedding morning as it makes it a comfortable fit with lots of chatter!

I often stay in touch with my brides on social media after the wedding and sometimes styling them again for other events.

3) Clip-in, colour matched human hair extensions are available to hire or purchase for your day.

I have discovered with styling over the years that the more hair there is to style the better the result so I do offer colour matched 100% human hair clip-in hair extensions available to hire or purchase your own set.

These are available at your trial to try with your style if needed. If you take a look at my photo gallery on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest it would be hard for you to tell who and who isn’t wearing my clip-in hair extensions. I would say around 80% of my brides will wear them on their wedding day. Adding more volume and length to the look.

4) Beautiful hair accessories are available to hire or purchase for your day.

I also offer as part of my service beautiful hair accessories available to hire or purchase for your day. I do recommend that you wait until you have chosen your style before purchasing an accessory as some pieces work better on certain styles and hair colours than others and I do feel it’s important to have your total look just right.

I found this was a much needed service at the hair trial as often brides have no idea what will suit their style.

With the option of fresh flowers in the hair to, we can work together discussing the right option for the style and total look.

5) Expert advice given at your trial to ensure you pick the perfect style for you.

As well as being a bridal hair specialist I am a trained hairdresser. All hair is different by length, thickness and performance. My knowledge of how types of hair works, performs and behaves along with face shape helps me understand what will suit my brides.

Most brides have an idea of the style they want, we can chat this through and I can guide and advise so we can choose the complete look together also taking in to account the look of the dress and the style of the wedding.

6) A prompt email service for any problems or advice needed up to the date of your wedding.

Once your date is securely booked with me then you are welcome to email for advice and queries, being rest assured you are totally happy with my service. After you trial I will email you timings for your day, taking the hassle of organisation from you.

7) I can recommend professional wedding make-up artists in the industry whom I work alongside.

Having styled 100’s of weddings I have worked with the very best make-up artists in the industry, and some, unfortunately, not so professional! ( I have heard many stories!) It can be very daunting and a bit of a minefield looking for the right professional for your day.

The pressure of wedding make-up and hair is very different to a regular hair or make-up job.

In my experience I find you do tend to ‘get what you pay for’!

A wedding does come with the added pressure of the 'relevance of the day'. This can lead to booking someone who doesn't specialise in weddings turning up late, leaving as soon as they are finished, not understanding the ‘importance’ of timings, taking longer than the timings worked out to make up each client meaning a lot of rushing and stress at the end getting dresses on.

In the wedding industry myself and the make up artists I recommend stick to times set, and more importantly, stay until your dressed and your veil is in place (at least an hour after we have finished styling) therefore touching up your lipstick and making sure your hair is in place just before you leave.

We also have been known to help do up dresses, add corsages or any other help need in that final hour!

This is the expert service we provide within the wedding industry and I will always happily recommend the make-up artist for your day.

8) Lastly! An enjoyable, relaxed wedding morning!

The relevance of booking professional hair and make-up artists sometimes doesn't become apparent until the actual day.

We let you know the time of our arrival with instructions how to be ready for us.

You and your wedding party can sit back and basically have a fun, relaxed morning being pampered whilst drinking a glass (or two!) of champagne.

Once hair and make-up are finished you all get into your dresses, have last minute touch ups and then the most magical day of your life continues............

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