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How wearing clip-in hair extensions can transform your wedding hairstyle!

Do you look at wedding hairstyles wishing you had enough hair to have your dream look on your wedding day?

Have you been growing your hair' forever' You have the length but it's just not thick enough, or it's just not going to be long enough by the time of your wedding day!?

I've been making, selling and hiring clip-in hair extensions for over 10 years as part of my wedding hairstyling business. From the get-go, this was an invaluable service to my brides. Did you know around 80% of my brides wear my clip-in extensions? I've shown you some examples below at how amazingly they can transform your hair. If you scroll through my instagram it would be hard to tell who is, and who isn't wearing clip-in hair.

I used to wear clip-in hair a lot myself, so it was a no brainer to offer them to my brides as part of my bespoke service as I knew how fabulous they were at helping to achieve the best results with wedding hairstyles.

By adding clip-in hair you instantly create length, volume, and a more luxurious feel to to a style. and, as I colour match them to your hair, no-one would even know you are wearing them

So, YES, you CAN have your dream hairstyle, and what's even more fabulous is it isn't going to cost as much extra as you would think! Read on.........

Why clip-ins?

Clip-ins take minutes to attach to your own hair, and are then styled as normal. They are 100% human hair allowing them to be curled and straightened with tongs or straighteners.

Clip-ins can also be positioned comfortably if incorporating them into your wedding hairstyle wherever hair is needed for a particular hairstyle, sometimes at the front for a statement braid, or clipped around a high ponytail for voluminous curls piled effortlessly high, and also for added volume and length seamlessly to a half up half down hairstyle.

Pretty much all my brides having Hollywood waves or the half up half down bridal hairstyle will wear my clip-in's, even when they have thick hair. Why? Well there are 3 main reasons

  1. When creating this look, sections are pinned on the crown to create the 'half up' bit of the style, this can leave the 'hair down' bit with far less volume as the layers have been pinned up taking away the volume in the hair, by adding extra hair adds more volume and therefore more curls, giving a more luxurious, glamorous look

  2. When curling extensions the curl will hold all day long. By combining the extension hair with the natural hair when curling, the extension acts like scaffolding, supporting your own hair, helping it to last the duration of the day, this is invaluable to any style that is down

  3. If you are having a Hollywood wave you are always going to need a heavy side fringe for this style to work well, even the thickest heads of hair will be finer around the hairline, so I will always add more hair in this area, the more hair the better for this style to look it's best. I will rarely style a Hollywood wave without adding extensions

My service to you

By appointment, usually at your hair trial, I will colour match your hair, often mixing different colours to match the natural tones and highlights in your hair.

Some of my brides are nervous that the hair will look fake as they have never worn extensions, but they are always delighted with the results.

My extensions are double wefted (two pieces of hair sewn together for double thickness) whole head sets. Your bespoke extensions will be colour matched just for you,

If you are hiring my bespoke extensions, you pay a hire charge of just £50 with a refundable deposit added, then I simply bring them on the day of your wedding ready to add to your chosen style, giving you an envelope to post back to me after the wedding. Voila!

Before & After

When purchasing your own set we firstly discuss the right length for you, you may want them the same length as your own hair for a thicker look ,or you want more length as well as thickness. Hair extensions range from 15 inch to 24 inches in length, with the option for me to fit, trim and shape the extensions on completion, with me also showing you how to attach them to your hair, with tips to prevent them coming loose as a finishing touch to your bespoke hair extension service.

I present them hung in a white dust bag for you to hang in your wardrobe.

Prices start from £220 for a double wefted, full head set

For more information on my services or to enquire with your wedding date click the link below

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