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Styling at The Cannes Film Festival

This week I flew to Cannes, France as part of a professional styling team, styling models for the luxury jewellery designer being hosted at

I got picked up at 3.30am for our 7.20am Gatwick flight, I flew with fellow hairstylists Leanne and Clarissa, meeting nail technician Aimee at the airport, everyone else flew from Stansted, we then met Elaine, Clare, Tara, Rebecca, Debbie, Jess, Gisselle and Zoe the other end at our destination then it was straight to our hotel a quick freshen up then all out for lunch where we met Sean who had organised our trip, we took over the restaurant with twelve stylists and twenty models, all women (and one man!) so you can imagine the non stop talking!

After lunch we rested till it was time to be picked up for styling. We were driven to the hotel entrance where we had to check in, getting colour coded wrist bands and I.D. tags. Security was really tight which is always a good thing!

We had a long walk down the driveway with our kit, the preperations were well underway in the grounds with a buzz of excitement in the air.

We were shown to our styling room where we all set up and once the models arrived we got to work, it was now 6pm and the show was due to start at 10am so in between the models going off to rehearse we manged to spring into 'professional' action and get everybody ready and looking amazing and so glamorous.

We got to watch the runway show, each model had a security guard because of the expensive jewellery line. Our models looked fantastic (literally a million dollars!) and we were all so pleased with our combined efforts, such brilliant team work from everyone, headed by make-up artist Elaine Buckley.

With a finale of fireworks the show finshed with a bang! It was time for a well deserved glass of champagne and a pat on the back for everyone.

A quick night cap back at our hotel with lots of exciting chatter about the evenings events and the celebrities we'd got glimpses of, then time for bed.

23 hours awake.......Life of a stylist!

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