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Cannes-Stylists Day Off

After our busy day styling at The Cannes Film Festival we were looking forward to our day off at the beach just 200 metres from our hotel.

We polished off an amazing french breakfast of pastries, fruit, smoked salmon, cheeses and french bread, we were pretty much there for two hours re-building our energy levels and having non stop conversations about the previous day!

We checked out of the hotel leaving our bags safely stored then raced up to the roof terrace to check the view out, with the obligitory selfie, of course!

Full of excitement for our beach day we headed over and grabbed our sandy space for the day and slapped on the factor 30.

Now, I love a bit of sunshine styling and I'd come prepared so it wasn't long before I was styling one of our models Elouise for an 'IPhone beach photoshoot' Clare and Leanne got involved to as there were plently of volunteers to have their hair braided. I got my perfect photo for my post as did Clare and Leanne.

It was then Aperol Spritz time, the perfect beach drink. We all had a perfect day. There was even a lovely beach restaurant for lunch.... moules and frites for me!

We enjoyed a fabulous day until it was time to get our late flight back to reality, but we'd created great memories and new friendships and we were a pretty awesome professional team too.

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