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Amy's Wedding

I've known Amy a long time so when she asked me to be part of her wedding I was thrilled! I was originally due to be on holiday but I changed my plans and flew home a couple of days earlier as I was also invited as a guest to the big day.

It's always fun to style someone you know so when Amy came for her trial we had a great time playing about with styles and finding the perfect wedding style for Amy's total look. Taking photos on my ipad as a reference for the wedding morning.

Amy had hired a fabulous lofthouse apartment 5 minutes away from the venue. I'd booked a hotel down the road with her mum so we turned up the evening before for to see everyone for celebrations (and to drop off my kit) Did I mention not only was I styling Amy, but also her 10 bridesmaids! 10!!!

We enjoyed some champagne and lovely thai food, playing music and watched the 'Walk down the isle practice' with Ameilia the youngest bridesmaid insisting on cartwheeling, very amusing! Everyone was in bed by midnight.

I arrived in the morning for an 8am start with my professional head back on. Timings worked out previously at the trial were tight as I had 11 in total to style allowing an hour for bride Amy.

Everyone wanted different styles, there were 3 waterfall braids, dutch braids with curls, 1 fishtail braid (my version) A halo braid on electric blue Ombre hair (this excited me!) 2 heated roller sets brushed out, a chignion and a sleek pony tail. Phew!

Amy had gorgeous blonde hair, I added 5 strips of clip-in extensions in different tones of blonde for extra volume to the style. Padding was added as Amy loves beehives so we did a toned down version with beautful soft curls pinned to the side. Amy had no accessory and no veil as the hair was such a statement......It worked!

The morning had such a brilliant atmosphere, Amy's brother Joe turned up and there were bacon butties with coffee and champagne flowing ( I was on the water!) Everyone was in great spirits.

With styling finished and make-up complete,( Amy's friend did her stunning make-up) eveyone got dressed, the bridesmaid brief was grey.........Dresses, jumpsuits and even a bridesmaid 3 piece suit, perfect attire for a London wedding. As for Amy's dress......WOW! She totally worked the 'Bride Look'

I got ready in about 4 minutes and left for the venue. I actually love a wedding but believe it or not don't I don't get to go to that many, so to watch Amy walk down the isle with her brother Joe giving her away to marry Dan was emotional. Loved it!

The weather was perfect, sunshine all day long, summer was back. We drank Processco from a really cool little Prosecco van that had come all the way down from Leeds, photos were taken with the 02 setting the scene in the background and Amy's sister Charlotte gave the couple 2 customised leather jackets. So cool! Dan's saying 'Till death do us part' and Amy's saying 'Wifey'

The wedding was perfect, great food, fun people, pizza van, glitter face fun, photbooth and even a Krispy Kreme donut wedding cake, super yummy!

The band played as the sun set on a perfect wedding day.

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