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Charlene's Wedding

So, this week I was in Layer-La-Haye, near Colchester, Essex to style Charlene and her wedding party.

Mum, Sue opened the door dressed in fabulous 'Mother-of-the-Bride P.J's with a very excited smile on her face.

It was a little bit different this week as the make-up artist Leanne was already set up in the lounge, 'Not unusual' I hear you say!..... But, she wearing a short silky dressing gown! Not the usual attire for a make-up artist! Leanne was infact the brides sister. So, not only was she Maid-of-Honour, but being a bridal make-up artist (and a very good one at that!) She was doing everyones make-up too.

It was thanks to Leanne that I was there, as Leanne had been following me on Instagram and when Charlene announced they were getting married she showed her my work.......Just goes to show my hard work on social media (My second job) is paying off! Phew!

We had previously worked out the best time to style Leanne at the hair trial so she could fit in all the make-up to be done. Timings set in place we both got to work. Bridesmaids, Lorna, Jackie and Sarah arrived. Bridesmaid dressing gowns were put on, tea was made with special named wedding mugs fo everyone, and I have to say the best playlist I've ever heard was put on, created by Charlene, played throught the morning, everyone was singing, dancing (including me!) and lots of laughter too.

Charlene's wedding hairstyle was a gorgeous half-up half-down style. I added some clip-in extensions to create more volume to Charlene's already very long hair. Mum had a short hair blow dry and the bridesmaids went for soft hair up with statement braids and fresh flowers in their hair as the perfect accessory (I love a bit of flower arranging in a style!)

Fabulous photographer, Kerrie Mitchell arrived mid-morning along with the videographer who had come all the way from Devon, and then the beautiful flowers turned up, soft pastel colours complimenting the dresses. After that the time just flew by.

With everyone dressed and styled we all drove over to the venue, Maidens Barn, I wanted to finish dressing Charlene's hair there and add the veil so she looked perfect walking down the isle.

The venue looked amazing, beautifully set up. With everyone styled, they were good to go, I said my goodbyes and the wedding ceremony began.

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