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Ashley & Richard-The Story so Far...

Hi Ashley what was the date of your wedding and where did you choose to get married and have your reception?

Saturday 30th January 2016, at Oaks Farm

Tell us how your fiancé Richard proposed to you?

He proposed on Christmas morning, 2014. We were in our dressing gowns in bed unwrapping presents and my ring was one of them! It was completely unexpected.

Was it fun getting ready on the wedding morning, did it all go to plan?

So much fun, the atmosphere was really relaxed and happy. It felt like we had a lot of time, even though our ceremony was at midday. Having such a calm morning was a lovely way to start the day.

What was the highlight of your day?

So many! But my favourite moment was our first dance. It felt like it was just my Husband and I in the room. It was a perfect opportunity to take a moment to absorb the day, and how special it had been.

Did you have a honeymoon?

Yes, we went to Paris. I tried to persuade my Husband to detour to Disneyland on the way but it didn’t happen! Our honeymoon was just as romantic and special as I hoped it would be.

If there is anything you could change about your wedding day what would it be?

Nothing at all. Our day was perfect, we even had bright sunshine all day which we did not expect for a January wedding! We were very lucky to have such a perfect day.

What’s your top tip to pass on to future brides reading this?

I have two- Firstly, make sure that in all the wonderful chaos of your day, you and your partner get a moment together, just you two, to reflect on your special day, and look forward to your new life together.

Secondly, remember it is your wedding. Do it your (and your partner’s) way! Don’t compromise, don’t let others influence your decisions. Everyone’s wedding dreams are different, so make sure on the day it’s yours that come true.

How has life changed since your wedding?

It has been a wonderful first year of marriage and the biggest change is the new member of our family! Eleanor was born on the 9th April 2017 and we are completely in love with her.

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