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Why Book a Professional Make-up Artist?

I think many brides-to-be often ask themselves whether booking a professional makeup artist for their wedding day is really worth it. After all, they do their own makeup day to day & often feel very comfortable doing so why pay someone else to do it?

However, just as with every other element of a wedding day, from the stunning gown you slip into, to sumptuous food your guests devour, no matter how confident you feel with a craft it is almost always be best left to professionals for such an important day.

‘Me time’ please!

Your wedding morning is such a precious, exciting, unique time in your life and a brief part of the day where you get to relax & soak it all in.

I get many brides approach me last-minute who had previously decided to do their own makeup, then realise as the day approaches that the stress and pressure of doing so is all too much & they’d rather be able to relax in the hands of a professional.

Even the most confident of makeup lovers can find themselves greatly affected by nerves on the big day and a shaky hand makes makeup application difficult to say the least.

A professional makeup artist will have done hundreds of wedding mornings and be completely un-phased and calm under pressure (no matter how many butterflies you yourself have in your tummy).

They will have the right tools and products to tackle any last minute blemishes or flushing (which is very common) and should themselves be a calming presence enabling you to sit back & enjoy your moment.

Bills, bills, bills

Surprisingly it is also extremely cost effective to book a professional makeup artist who will stock the very best products on the market in every shade, tone and for every skin type.

The cost of buying all of these products even just for your own skin type and shade alone can be well above £250-300, versus a makeup artist who will likely cost half to two-thirds of that amount.

A good makeup artist will also represent great value for money when you consider that they will often get the whole bridal party ready and stay on hand for any little extra things you may need a helping hand with, such as doing up all those beautiful buttons on the back of your gown or helping with a cravats & button-holes.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I would say without a doubt though that the best reason for hiring a professional makeup artist is that you result you will get will be beautiful, long last makeup which sees you looking and feeling your best from the morning until your last hurrah on the dance floor.

The flawless finish achieved will leave you soaking up compliments from guests and delighted when looking back on your photos for years to come.

Simply the best

Professional makeup artists test the latest products on the market & hold an incredible stock of only the very best makeup brands so you know that the quality of products used on you is unrivalled.

Your makeup artist will assess your skin type, face shape & colourings and know the right products to make your skin look amazing and your best features shine.

They will work with your ideas and tastes to create the most flattering look for you, to perfectly suit your wedding gown and overall wedding colours and/or theme.

Picture Perfect

It’s an essential part of a makeup artists job to ensure that the makeup applied not only looks beautiful in person, looks perfect on camera and lasts all day too. This requires a vast product knowledge (after all some products look great in person, but cause issues such as flashback on camera) and a perfected technique, layering the right products and seamless blending in between.

Many wedding photographers will recommend good makeup artists (so this can be a fantastic way of finding the right makeup artist for you) as a skilled makeup artist will not only ensure less editing time for the photographer, but also that the wedding morning itself runs to plan, so the photographer has enough time to get the shots he/she desires.

Who’s that girl?

It’s so easy to fall into a makeup rut, after all it’s incredibly expensive to try new products to possibly find they’re not as you’d hoped. When our makeup is the same day-in, day-out it can sometimes feel a little under-done to have the exact same look for such a special occasion.

In contrast, I do always say that your wedding makeup should still make you look and feel like you. It isn’t the day to try a wild new style or invent a new persona, however your makeup artist will view you with fresh eyes and be able to offer suggestions you may never have tried or been able to perfect yourself.

They will listen to your thoughts and bring their ideas of the right colours, techniques and products together with your vision, to create perfect makeup that means you still look and feel like you. Just the very best version of you!

Love Amanda x

You can find all Amanda's details in 'My Wedding Guests' as my recommended make-up artist.

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