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Getting your 'Professional' hair shot!


📸Did you know a potential client will take 3 to 5 seconds to look at your website or social media before deciding to carry on looking!😩

📸Are you getting the shot of the amazing work you are creating?

📸Are they seeing your style in the photo with best light and surroundings thought about?

📸When you look at a photo you are ALSO subconsciously looking at the background, the lighting and the angle

📸BACKGROUND A plain background stops the eye wandering and focusing on the hairstyle

📸Got portrait mode? This is perfect for when you CAN’T use a plain background if you’re on a job for instance

📸LIGHTING Natural light by a window is perfect for your hair shot. If this isn’t possible then get your self a ring light or box lights, both found on Amazon, your ceiling lights can be to yellow or cause shadows in the wrong areas, so turn them off!

📸Take about 20/30 photos of your work. Try different angles, make a video or reel….. YOUR work is YOUR shopfront window, so make it count

📸EDIT your photo, crop, adjust In your photo settings, it’s amazing how an okay photo can become a fantastic photo by just adjusting it slightly

📸The next style you create, have a play and notice the difference! Tag me to show me, I’d love to see your work 🤗

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