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Power Dressing like a PRO!

This is a no brainer for me! Professional Power Dressing is a MUST when turning up to style hair on your Brides wedding day

This shows your client you are a professional at what you do, it also

gives you more confidence when, in my opinion, you're looking well presented in front of other professionals and clients alike

Most importantly you are more than likely to be in the professional wedding prep photographs usually at a prestigious venue. Avoid wearing brightly patterned dresses and outfits, tracksuit bottoms, ripped jeans, casual shorts and leisure wear

Imagine this photo if I'd had casual or brightly patterned clothes on, I would have totally stood out in the photo, and not in a good way

I always remember being taught to blend in for the photographs, not to wear bold prints as 'the wedding is not about us'. This comment just stuck in my mind and I always take time to dress smartly, often wearing 'Hairdresser Black' as we call it in the industry!

It also makes it easy to get dressed when it's a very early start time, black matches black right! You should see my professional wardrobe!

To be honest at any work event, photoshoots, open days I will turn up like a Pro representing my business

I always remember a wedding where the photographer looked absolutely bloody brilliant wearing a tweed 3 piece suit, he totally dressed for the occasion and everybody commented on his dapper attire

So, for your next job, raise your game if you're not already, and dress to impress and I'm telling you now, you will walk in feeling more confident and professional in the industry you love working in, and you'll be creating a great professional image for yourself that will be noted!

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